About Takahashi Fumiki

My name is Takahashi Fumiki. Noveilst and Web developer specialized in WordPress.

WordBench Tokyo May 2017


I was born in Chiba, Japan at 16th August 1979. While studying at the University of Tokyo, I got the prize of novel contest organized by Gentosha Inc. My first book “Tochugesha” had been published.

After graduation, I made my life with part time job and keep writing novels. At 2007, I won another contest organized by Shinchosha. But my works weren’t published and I felt somehow disappointed.

I decide to publish my book by myself. I started learning web programming and, in 2008, fell in love with WordPress. I made ePub converter with PHP and integrated it to WordPress. Now I can publish ePubs via WordPress. I hope my site hametuha.com could be a e-publishing agency, but it’s challenging :)

Currently I’m making life of me and my family as CEO of digital agency. Most of profit are from WordPress. My life is made from Writing, WordPress and DIY.


  • Have 3 children and elder 2 of them are twins.
  • Have practiced Judo for >10years.
  • I can communicate with English and French, but not on business situation.
  • Love foreign novels. In Japan, many books in foreign languages are translated. My favorite authors are Ōe Kenzaburō and Micheal Hoellebecq.
  • I was lead organizer of WordCamp Tokyo 2016.
  • I made an e-ticket plugin for WordPress and it led a Japanese company to accomplishing IPO and finally they valued ¥10 billion. I was proud of it, but I can’t say detail because of NDA ;(
  • I have built houses by myself since 2009 in country side.


Okay, that’s it. Feel free to contact me. Thank you so much for reading.



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